Advanced Manufacturing Centre



Prof. Dr. Azizah Binti Shaaban


PM. Dr. Mohd Asyadi 'Azam Bin Mohd Abid

AMC Objectives

1.     To spearhead academia and students in conducting academic and professional programs based on specific industrial needs and applications.

2.     To pursue research & development activities related to manufacturing engineering.

3.     To forge and strengthen strategic alliances with related manufacturing industries.

4.     To develop and sustain a pool of expertise of high caliber in the multi-facetted areas of manufacturing engineering.

AMC Vision

To be the Nation’s and Region’s Leading Centre of Excellence for Research & Innovation in the area of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and System Engineering

AMC Mission

1.      To promote knowledge of advanced manufacturing technology through innovative research and product development.
2.      To bridge the gap between the academia, community and industries through smart partnership.

Our Research Group @ AMC

Carbon Research Technology (CRT)

Lead by:
Dr. Noraiham Binti Mohamad

Niche :
To be the Region's Leading for Carbon-related Research & Advanced Materials Science & Engineering

Sustainable Material for Green Technology (SM4GT)

Lead by:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jariah Mohamad Juoi

To become a group a scholar that contributes to the betterment of society through knowledge discovery, enhancement, dissemination and practice in materials and processing technology.

Sustainable & Responsive Manufacturing (SUSREM)

Lead by:
Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Razali Muhamad

Chart new growth strategies with new capabilites of SUSREM with Industries L

Sustainabe Research & Innovation Development (S.R.I.D)

Lead by:
Mohd Soufhwee Bin Abd Rahman

To be one of the world's leading research group in the area of sustainable innovation development.

Applied Mathematics (AM)

Lead by:

To be pioneer in applied mathematics research of finding novel theory of mathematics for solving engineering / technology related problems.

Precision Machining Group (PMG)

Lead by:
Dr. Raja Izamshah bin Raja Abdullah

Embracing Technology whilst Delivering Precision Manufacturing

Integrated Manufacturing System (I'Ms)

Lead by:
Engr. Dr.-Ing. Azrul Azwan bin Abdul Rahman

The challenge of the Industry 4.0 vision

Human Machine System Optimization (M.A.C.H.O)

Lead by:
PM. Ir. Dr. Puvanasvaran
A/L A. Perumal

To be a leading research group in optimizing human machine interactions in the industrial ecosystem

Advanced Manufacturing Centre
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
76100 Durian Tunggal

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